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Dependable, essential Medicaid Legal Services

Know Your Title XIX Rights and Benefits

Do you meet the requirements that make you eligible for Medicaid? If you’re not sure, it's essential that you consult the Title XIX experts at Sanger Law Office, S.C. to see if you are eligible for Title XIX benefits. Michael D. Sanger has the knowledge and experience to help you. 


Sanger Law Office, S.C.  has the experience and knowledge needed to help you secure the benefits you may be entitled to under Title XIX. We’ve been providing reliable Title XIX legal services to customers throughout Wisconsin since 1982. Call today for a FREE consultation!

Legal Representation

Understanding Medicaid Eligibility & Benefits

The Compassion You Need

All too often, people who qualify for Medicaid are not properly informed of their eligibility and benefits. The details of qualifications and approval vary state by state, so consult your legal experts at Sanger Law Office, S.C. for more information about your eligibility and benefits.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid & Consultation

Your Trusted Partner in Legal Aid

At Sanger Law Office, S.C., we truly care about helping our clients get the service they need and the benefits they deserve. Our team is comprised of compassionate, down-to-earth legal experts.

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