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Whether you need to plan for the future or organize assets for a loved one, Michael D. Sanger has the experience you need for effective legal representation and advice. Our most common elder law services include estate planning and administration; Medicaid, disability, and other long-term care issues, and Power of Attorney services such as guardianship, conservatorship, and commitment.

Protect your loved ones with elder care plans

We can also represent you and offer legal advice for wills, trusts, financial powers of attorney and healthcare powers of attorney.  In addition to office visits, we will do home, hospital, and nursing home visits if needed.

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Elder Law Services

Full-Service Attorneys

We can help with long-term planning, assist you with fiduciary administration, and resolve any Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid benefits legal issues.

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Elder Planning

Dependable Service

We offer many options suited to your elder law needs. From long-term planning and care plans to disability and medical care guidance we will help you put your loved ones first.

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